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Two-island 6-night / 7-day Adventure Package

Spend 3 nights at the Royal Palm in the Highlands of Santa Cruz
and 3 nights at the Golden Bay Hotel on San Cristobal beach

Depart Quito or Guayaquil - Santa Cruz - San Cristobal - Quito or Guayaquil

Click here to download the 2 Island Adventure Package details in PDF.

Our Itinerary optimizes the chance for you to experience as much of the Galapagos as possible including wildlife, marine-life, bird-life, seascapes, landscapes, caves, tunnels, coastline & the highlands!

Day 1Arrive Royal Palm Hotel. Charles Darwin Research Station and Puerto Ayora at leisure
Day 2Full day boat excursion to one of four islands: - North Seymour, Santa Fe, South Plazas or Bartolome (subject to boat timetable)
Day 3Highlands Tour - Giant Tortoise Ranch, Lava Tunnel, Los Gemelos (Twin Craters) and Tortuga Bay
Day 4Boat transfer to San Cristobal. Visit to Frigate Bird Hill and Interpretation Center
Day 5Full day tour: - El Junco Lagoon, Cerro Colorado and Puerto Chino beach
Day 6Full day tour to Punta Pill and Cerro Brujo
Day 7Depart and transfer to airport


The Royal Palm and Golden Bay hotel
2018 package prices per person sharing
Casita and Balcony Room$4,815
Highland Villa and Balcony Room$5,013

Prices are per person based on two sharing. Triples, family rooms and single supplements are available on request. Additional charges may apply.

Prices include return transfers (airport/hotel/sea port/hotel/airport), full board, soft drinks, land tours & sea excursions, tax and boat transfer between Santa Cruz and San Cristobal.

Prices do not include air fares between the mainland and the Galapagos inter-island flights, Galapagos National Park entrance fee (US$100 per person), Transit card to enter Galapagos (US$20 per person), alcoholic beverages, hotel extras or gratuities. Please contact your Travel Agent for flights.


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Royal Palm - Casita

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Royal Palm - Highland Villa

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Golden Bay - Balcony Room


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Full itinerary

Our Itinerary optimizes the chance for you to experience as much of the Galapagos as possible including wildlife, marine-life, bird-life, seascapes, landscapes, caves, tunnels, coastline & the highlands!

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Day 1
Arrive Royal Palm Hotel. After lunch, visit the famous Charles Darwin Research Station, the world's leading research institute and center of knowledge dedicated to the conservation of the biological diversity and natural resources of the Galapagos Archipelago. Find out more about this amazing Foundation’s work including ecological restoration, wildlife repatriation, marine research, environmental education, scientific programs, sustainable local development and the volunteer and scholarship opportunities for visitors. From the Station, it is an easy walk into the main town of Puerto Ayora for a leisurely afternoon exporing the boutiques and souvenir shops. Bars, cafes and restaurants line the main streets and along the waterfront, you will find the fish market and water taxis.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Day 2
Full day boat excursion to one of four islands. The day excursion boats are all on the Galapagos National Park’s roster, so the day of the week determines which island you can go to.

Santa Fe Island is located south of Santa Cruz. A trail takes you round the island where you can spot land iguanas, lava lizards, sea lions and blue footed boobies perched on the rocks. Snorkel in the crystal clear waters of this beautiful protected bay and admire the many species of tropical reef fish and occasionally sea turtle and rays.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

South Plaza Island and Punto Carrion - a very colorful pair of small, uplifted islands east of Santa Cruz. Enjoy the unique landscape of Sesuvium plants and Opuntia Cacti. Home to the land iguana and watch in awe as the marine iguanas climb up and down the cliffs, in search of seaweed. Punta Carrion offers easy snorkelling and swimming.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

North Seymour Island & Las Bachas Beach - picturesque island offering close up encounters with the blue footed boobies, frigates, land iguanas & lava lizards and a small colony of sea lions. On the return journey, the boat anchors in calm water on Bachas Beach where you can enjoy a walk and/or go snorkelling.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Bartolome - famous for its ‘Pinnacle Rock’ - probably the most photographed volcanic formation in the islands.  Walk the lavascapes and climb up a long wooden staircase comprising 360+ steps to the viewpoint on the summit that offers uninterrupted views to nearly all the central islands in the archipelago.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Day 3
Highlands Tour including Giant Tortoise Ranch, Lava Tunnel, Los Gemelos (Twin Craters) & Tortuga Bay 

Nothing will prepare you for your first glimpse of a Galapagos Giant Tortoise in its natural habitat. This visit offers the ideal opportunity to view these ancient creatures munching on lush green vegetation or wallowing in the mud of the seasonal pools. This tour includes a walk through open fields and forest. A basic cafeteria and clean toilets are available on these Reserves and some offer rubber boots in case of muddy conditions.

Next we take you down inside an extinct volcano! Formed by rivers of fast flowing liquid lava millions of years ago, the molten hot liquid rock which once flowed here, formed these volcanic islands. Similar to sea caves, the roofs are formed of stalagmites and stalactites generally known as lavacicles! Follow the illuminated trail that leads you through a labyrinth of different tunnels over specially constructed bridges and stairways to a spectacular exit through the roof... hard hats and flashlights provided; grippy shoes are recommended.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Back above ground, we will visit Los Gemelos or the Twin Craters geologically speaking, which are subsidence-craters formed by a series of eruptions when the island was still active. These pit craters are surrounded by the only forest of Escalesia trees, belonging to the family of Escalesia Pedunculata, one of 14 species in the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the forests; follow the circular trail around the rim of the largest crater and you’ll see ferns, mosses and wild orchids; look closely and you might spot the very shy Galapagos Finches, especially the Woodpecker Finch and Bird Witch! The views are stunning!

Finally, we finish in beautiful Tortuga Bay Beach. A walk through arid, aromatic forest and along this spectacular white, sandy beach brings you to a protected pool that is ideal for swimming and easy snorkeling. Just a little further you will find ‘Playa Mansa’ - a tranquil lagoon where you can rent kayaks to get closer to the turtles, white tip reef sharks and schools of eagle rays and golden rays a little further out.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Day 4
Morning - Boat transfer to San Cristobal.
The Island transfer by fast boat is included in the package price. There are two departures daily: 7:00 am and 2:00pm. The journey takes between 2h30 - 3 hours, depending on the weather. If you would like to do the tour in the afternoon, guests are advised to take the 7am boat to San Cristobal.

Afternoon - Visit to Frigate Bird Hill and Interpretation Center
If you would like to learn more about the geological history of the Galapagos and how such an isolated Archipelago is so rich in species, this tour is perfect for you. First, a visit to the National Park’s Interpretation Center where our guides will share their knowledge with you about the formation of the islands, the flora & fauna and how humans first discovered the Galapagos.

Our afternoon continues with a gentle uphill walk along a 2-mile trail to the top of Frigate Bird Hill. Good walking shoes are needed; the walk takes approximately 45 minutes. From the top of the hill by the statue of Charles Darwin, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic views across the turquoise waters of Wreck Bay and to the west, you can see Kicker Rock. This is also a popular breeding site for two species of Frigate Bird (which gave the hill it’s name) - The Magnificent Frigate and the Great Frigate bird. During the mating season, the males blow-up their red pouches to impress the females; a unique and fascinating sight!

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Day 5
Full day tour: - El Junco Lagoon, Cerro Colorado & Puerto Chino beach
The Galapagos Islands have many interesting and beautiful places to share with their visitors. In addition to the coast and pristine beaches, the Galapagos has many different micro-climates or biological zones which can be experienced up in the Highlands with their dense vegetation and spectacular sights of San Cristobal Island.

On this day tour we will visit El Junco, the only permanent fresh-water lake in the Archipelago. This lake is formed in the crater of an extinct volcano and is pure rain water. It is a short hike to the lake along a sometimes muddy trail, so good waterproof shoes are needed. The reward is the unique and awe-inspiring sight of a naturally formed rain-water lake surrounded by nature where you can spot bird species such as White-Cheeked Pintail ducks, Common Gallinules and the endangered Chatham mockingbird.

On clear days, from the crater rim you can see most of the island, including Punta Pitt, Cerro San Joaquin and parts of the coastline. Next, we visit a Galapagos Tortoise Breeding Center, commonly known as “Galapaguera”. This is where tortoises are bred in a semi-captive environment until they are ready to be released into the Reserve; some of them are released back into the wild too! Finally we visit Puerto Chino, a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal clear water; the perfect end to a perfect day... relax, sunbathe or do some snorkeling.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Day 6
Full day tour to Punta Pitt and Cerro Brujo
There are very few places in the Galapagos Islands where you have the chance to see all three species of boobies in one place! Here in Punta Pitt you will be able to spot the elegant Nazca or masked boobies, the dazzling blue-footed boobies and the endangered red-footed boobies. With amazing aerial maneuvers, boobies are able to dive into the sea with incredible precision to catch their prey. Despite their agility while flying, these birds are quite clumsy on the ground which is how they got their name which derives from the Spanish word “bobo” - meaning ‘foolish’. After our land visit to Punta Pitt, you can enjoy some snorkeling around Pitt Islet.

Depending on our roster that day with the Galapagos National Park, this tour ends with either a visit to Cerro Brujo or the Galapaguera. The Galapaguera is a reserve where the famous Giant Galapagos Land Tortoises live in semi-natural conditions and visitors may follow interpretive trails through the reserve and see the young tortoises in the breeding pens. Cerro Brujo will captivate you with its spectacular geological formations and its beautiful white sandy beach, an ideal place to swim, to snorkel, or to enjoy a nice stroll in the company of Galapagos Sea Lions and an outstanding landscape on one of the few visitor sites with no marked trail.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Day 7
Depart and transfer to San Cristóbal airport or San Cristobal pier

Flight information

Mainland to Island flights
Flights to and from the Galapagos Islands operate in and out of Quito and Guayaquil. If you would like help to book your hotels before and after the Galapagos trip, please ask our sales and reservations team, who will be happy to help.

Inter-island flight alternatives
If you would prefer to fly between Santa Cruz and San Cristobal, there are flight options which can be booked directly and are an additional cost. There are two airlines who operate daily between the three main islands of Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal. Both operate small aircraft which take 5 to 8 people; the flight time is 30 minutes. Prices start from $120 per person, one way. Luggage is limited to 25 lbs per passenger, including hand luggage

Flight schedules and prices can vary and are subject to change

Call center: +593 4 230 1277 / 00593 4 230 4254
Email: [email protected]

Reservations tel: 053016579 / 052521490
Email: [email protected]

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