For advanced and experienced mountain bikers, let your guide take you on a journey from Cerro Mesa
crossing Bellavista to the Cascajo viewpoint. Descend into Cascajo, Trapiche and onto Garrapatero
Beach. Experience the different climatic zones in the wetlands, the agricultural area; the arid forest to
coastal paths ending your trip on a beach of crystal clear turquoise water and fine white sand.


This adventure starts at “Cerro Mesa” crossing “Bellavista” and the viewpoint of the “Cascajo”. At
Cascajo we stop to enjoy a phenomenal panoramic view of Santa Cruz and other islands of the
archipelago and keep an eye out for a sub species of giant tortoise that lives in the area around the
crater of “Cerro Mesa” Then descend into “Cascajo”, “Trapiche” and onto “Garrapatero” Beach.

Trapiche is a local farm where you can see how the locals produce alcohol from sugar cane and also
home of the famous Galapagos coffee. At the beach enjoy bird spotting – Flamingos, Frigates, Mocking
Birds and Blue-Footed Boobies; to swim or snorkel here please bring your own equipment.


Transport, mountain bike, box lunch, soft drinks & water, guide, first-aid kit and helmets.
If you would like to explore without a guide, we can provide you with a map and local advice, but we
recommend that riders do not venture out alone.